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Date Added: Thursday 06 October, 2016

School Girl Pies 2

Model: SchoolGirlPies2Manufacturer: Valentine Network
Price:   $14.99

Details:Ms. Weatherbee found some suspicious pies laying around and blames Rizzo and Sandy. Rizzo promptly blames it all on Sandy and suggests that the teacher deal with her harshly. Sandi is made to kneel and take the punishment of vanilla and chocolate pudding poured all over her head... along with a couple pies to the face! Sandy soon responds with pies to Ms. Weatherbee's face. There is a bonus section of behind the scenes video where the actresses ... more info
Date Added: Monday 12 September, 2016

School Girl Pies 1

Model: SchoolGirlPies1Manufacturer: Valentine Network
Price:   $14.99

Details:Sandy and Rizzo got bad grades from Ms. Weatherbee and are seeking revenge. Ms. Weatherbee is not pleased that Rizzo and Sandy seem to have left these pies laying around where student can get to them. Students have a tendency to get into pie fights. Ms. Weatherbee asks the girls to dispose of them. Runtime: about 9 minutes Two size versions are included. HD 1080p version: File size 537MB Mobile version: 333MB
Date Added: Sunday 06 March, 2016

Balloon Girls 2 - Bonus Foot Fetish

Model: BalloonGirls-FootFetishManufacturer: Valentine Network
Price:   $2.99

Details:Behind the scenes footage of the Balloon Girls photo shoot. This is a silent musical montage of the girls posing with thick creamy pies. They step in the pies with their shoes, boots, stockings and bare feet. There are no pies in the face. Run Time: 27 Minutes. 1080 HD 1.2 GB Mobile Version - 430MB ---------- Check out the original Balloon Girls Part 1
Date Added: Friday 11 December, 2015

Please Pie Me 2

Model: PleasePieMe2Manufacturer: Valentine Network
Price:   $14.99

Details:In the conclusion of "Please Pie Me" we find Chanel and Ashley re-enter the hall where the left their baking instructor. Apparently someone forgot to tie her up! The two girls argue over who's fault that was and get into a tit for tat pie fight to punish the one that forgot to tie up the teacher. Runtime: 9 Minutes Two files sizes included in each purchase HD 1080 version 538MB Mobile 720 version 398MB

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